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ECD Teacher Development:

Research in early childhood education (ECD) shows that:

Preschoolers learn at a prodigious rate. Their brains are more receptive than they'll ever be. They can be taught to control aggression and persevere despite setbacks. What they learn during this period of rapid brain development sticks, making them less likely to be bullied and dropouts.

With early childhood education (ECE), everybody starts school on an even footing. Less privileged children don't have to spend the rest of their lives trying to catch up.

Mothers can participate in the workforce, knowning their children are in a safe, stimulating environment, hence much needed increase in family incomes.

More youngsters from disadvantaged backgrounds acquire the skills and discipline to become productive workers and citizens.

EEEI over the past three years has developed a high calibre core group of local trainers and has trained 40 ECD teachers for schools from a variety of far flung villages. The EEEI curriculum is tailored to the specific needs of Chitral environment drawing on the High Scope Early Childhood Curriculum and the LTP workshop materials for parents. This has been done under the leadership of Yasmin Khan, the EEEI's Toronto based volunteer education consultant.

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