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Youth Development:

Two separate English Language Enhancement courses were conducted for youth, one for boys and one for girls. 47 boys and 24 girls benefited from the 3 week course in August 2011. The participants found the program very useful and demonstrated a great interest.

The high interest shown, the classes for both groups were held daily including weekends each session lasting 3.5 hours. The major objective was to provide an opportunity for the youth to enhance their basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. The communicative approach of language teaching/learning was used in these classes. Since the participants were of diverse levels, a fair amount of time was spent in modeling by the instructor and students practicing a variety of reading strategies in order to decipher meaning from the text.

These courses were planned and taught by the EEEI's volunteer consultant, an English as a Second Language (ESL) specialist in the Toronto District School Board, Canada. The participants' commitment to improving themselves in order to achieve better academic results and their drive to succeed was truly admirable. The EEEI is committed to offering such programs for the youth of Chitral so that they are better prepared to compete with students in the country.

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